The Dog Care Essentials

The Dog Care Essentials

So after long thought, you have decided to bring a new dog home. Get ready for the beginning of a hairy, sweet and everlasting friendship!

Preparing to welcome the puppy home
Before going on a buying spree, find a veterinarian for your pet. The vet will most likely be your very first visit with your little friend.

First step: Preparing the house
Have in mind that puppies are just as curious as a small child, but instead of simply touching each and every object, it will bite it instead!

Second step: Accessories
Find a space in the house which will become it’s space. A spacious box might be a good way to start. I will give the dog a sense of security, a place to relax.
You can always include a dog bed, which would, of course, depend on the dog’s size. Bear in mind, that it might get messy, especially the first few months until the dog is trained enough.
For those that have a garden, provided that they have ample space, another alternative is to build a dog house.

Dog Bags & Carriers
Soon the time for your first vacation will arrive. Making sure that your pet can safely travel should be amongst your top priorities.

Dog Feeders & Waterers
There are many options when it comes to pet feeders and waterers, ranging from simple to automatic ones. Since we all know how clumsy a dog can be, consider getting one with extra support or weight at the bottom to avoid a highly likely tip over.

To select the right food for your pet, the help of your vet might be necessary. The most significant factor is the age of the dog, it’s size along with its activities. You should also consider the breed or any allergies or potential health issues your pet may have. It would be advisable to avoid chaining food but rather find and stick to the one your dog seems to like.

Toys are a very important part of the dog’s life since they are a great way for the dogs to relieve stress. You should pay great attention to the kind of toys you are buying. If you are not picking quality toys, there is a high probability that the dog with manage to break the toy and perhaps swallow parts of it.

Getting the dog out for a walk might sound but it’s not always easy. Get your dog familiar with the idea of wearing a color might be tricky.

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