The Pugs are small adorable dogs with a big heart. They are mainly pet dogs and one thing they know to do is to build a wonderful relationship with their owner. They love the game very much and they love the owner’s arms. An important factor for a Pug is the love it receives from its owner. He does not want to be deprived of him and lives to make friends with people and the family.

It wants to feel an active member, and only so it can eventually be happy. It is a versatile dog living in an apartment. He needs special attention in the summer because he suffers from heat and he can suffer heat stroke. He does not really like exercise, and while he needs a small amount of food, it is a greyhound, so he needs attention to the amount of food to avoid flattening. It needs regular brushing because it is blushing and should often be cleansed because it has folds.

History of Pug

In East Asia, the ancestor of today’s Pug was many centuries ago. It was a pet dog at the Imperial Court in Beijing. Over the years and with the trades of European traders in the East, the World came to Europe and specifically to the Netherlands where it became a very dear court dog. When William of Holland was crowned as a king in England, he brought with him several Pugs that became popular immediately and in the next decade, they became favorite dogs in France.

Health and Care

They may have the following health problems: nose and mouth deformity that may cause breathing difficulty, leg problems, knee, dermatitis, and eye problems. If you want a Pug in your home you have to be ready to cope with a lot of hair that loses all year round and will be all over the place. A brush a week is enough, but regular cleaning is required in the head wrinkles.

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