Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever


Labrador, this dog is a miracle. There is nothing that it can’t do! It swims, used as a hunting dog, saves people, helps police and rescuers, helps the blind, loves and protects children and much much more. It likes swimming and generally intense exercise. The first three years of his life it can still act like a puppy which means energy and mood for play every minute of the day. Truly, Labrador is a very friendly dog and he is not afraid to show it. He can become friends with anyone and although he is a little restrained at first with the strangers, he gives all his love after a while.

Labradors love kids and the only thing to worry about when they are close to them should be to not throw them down due to excessive play. He is not the best watchdog in the world, and when someone strangers approach your home it might not bark but start playing with them, so do not expect him to offer any kind of security. Ideal dog for everyone. He is a very industrious dog always willing and happy.

History of the Labrador Retriever

When the English made it to the Newfoundland in the Labrador Sea, they saw that the local fishermen had dogs with them. They also noticed that there were two types of dogs, the largest one specializing in pulling boats, nets, and carts, and the smaller one in hunting aquatic birds in frozen lakes. The English sailors started transporting those dogs to England, which were mixed with English breeds and used to hunt aquatic birds and bring the beaten prey, thus creating the Labrador breed which was officially recognized at the beginning of the 20th century. The Labrador is also used as a guide for blind people, as a disabled person, a drug or explosive detector, a lifeguard and a pet dog.

Health and Care

The Labrador Retriever is prone to hip dysplasia, but also to eye diseases such as cataracts. Labrador has a tendency to obesity due to increased appetite. Its coat is easy to take care of and needs to be combed once a week.

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