It’s raining! Can i still walk my dog in the rain?

It’s raining! Can i still walk my dog in the rain?

Should I Walk My Dog In The Rain?

Of course! It is a fact that some dogs do not feel comfortable with the rain. But most dogs, such as Labradors and retrievers, like to roll in the water and do not care if they get wet.

But if you think your pet is not in this category, try to change his mood to enjoy the ride he needs!


Finding the right and smart space for your walk is the key to success. For optimum comfort and safety, it would be advisable to avoid roads, which are often filled with unstable drivers who are disturbed by rain, puddles and exhaust gases. Trees can provide some protection against wet conditions. Ideally, find a place with trees and shrubs.


It is advisable to have a towel with you to wipe your dog’s body if it has sunk enough. That will help bring the temperature back down to his or her body and feel pleasant. It will also serve you so that your house does not get completely soiled.

Avoid Lightning and lightning

If the rainy stroll with your dog is fun, lightning and thunder are not! If you have any suspicion that the lightning or thunder will make their appearance, turn as fast as you can. Although it is not common for people and pets to be hit by lightning, it is not unlikely. As you know, dogs are often afraid of the loud and disturbing noises associated with extreme weather events.

Generally, however, do not be afraid that your dog will suffer pneumonia or raise a fever if he comes out for a short walk in the rain.

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