How To Share A Pet

How To Share A Pet

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A Step-by-step Guide On How To Share A Pet

Create A Free Account

Pet owners can add their pets to our site free of charge. It only takes a minute. Just fill in a few details, and we’ll get your dogs’ profile set up in no time.

Browse Our Pets And Choose The One For You

Search our “Pets” section to find a pet in your region. You can check their Bio and make sure that the pets’ traits match your requirements.

Message The Owner

Don’t be shy – Reach out to pet owners and feel free to ask any questions you may have. After all, the owners are trusting you with their pets.

Arrange A Meetup

Given that the introductions went well, it’s now time to arrange a meetup. Getting to know each other is an important step and will most likely make both parties feel more comfortable.

Meet & Play

This is undoubtedly the most fun part. Meet an adorable pet for the first time and win their hearts. Chat with the owners and get useful info about your new furry friend.

Come Back For More

You have now successfully completed your first play date. Hooray! We hope you had fun and that you will be coming back for more!

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