French Bulldog

French Bulldog


Although its appearance makes it look spiteful, however, it is very friendly. The French Bulldog loves the owner and the family. It does not bark often and never without reason. He is a loyal, social and patient dog. It is a pet dog and can live in an apartment. Additionally, it ties to the family and is generally quiet at home. He does not need a particular exercise and his food is moderate.

History of the French Bulldog

This Bulldog comes from the English Bulldog, which British breeders exported to France, crossed with other “toy” breeds in Europe, creating this breed that became very popular in the aristocratic circles of Paris and France in the 19th century.

Health and Care

Respiratory problems, as well as eye conditions, are common. You have to pay attention to their weight. Reproduction is not easy and in some cases only artificial. You may also need cesarean delivery because the puppies are big enough. The French Bulldog needs little care. A weekly brushing is enough for the hair to leave. Once a month, depending on how bad it is on a daily basis. Below the folds of the skin, you can be wiped with a soft cloth.

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