English Bulldog

English Bulldog


The Bulldog (also known as English Bulldog) is friendly, calm and likes to lay on the couch !! He can spend a whole day lying on his favorite sofa. He is stubborn and does not retreat. If he does not want to do something, you have to make a big effort to persuade him to do it. He has a special relationship with children and is very good with them. It is receptive and awaits great attention and love from the family.

Unsurprising in expressions and snoring, because of his nose, he always follows you at the foot and ready to defend you. But he is bored easily and always is for him “time for a nap”. Do not ever wake them by shouting their name because they are sleeping deep and then scared. Always with care and tenderness and will love you. In difficult times, if you need to defend yourself, he will do it until he falls to his own.

History of the English Bulldog

The English Bulldog comes from the ancient Asian Mastiff, a race dog that came to Great Britain by the Phoenician seafarers. The Bulldog was used to fight the bull or other malicious carnivores such as the bears and the lions. Organized dogfights were also a daily occurrence until 1835 when this harsh habit was outlawed in England. After that, the reproduction of pure Bulldogs was rare. The selective play has since transformed the Bulldog into a beloved family pet.

Health and Care

The health problems of the English Bulldogs are plenty. Because of the shape of the face, it is often the respiratory problems. They have problems with their hips and knees. They can not withstand the heat at all and are thus very prone to heat stroke. Still, due to wrinkles, they may have skin infections. He often experiences eye problems and poor vision. The most common sight problem it presents is the cherry eye.

Their short and soft hair needs very little care. Brush with a strong and short brush at regular intervals and bath only when necessary. Clean every day with a soft cloth the wrinkles of the face. This breed is moderately drained. It is particularly sensitive to heat, but also to cold. The English Bulldog is a dog of the house. Air conditioning is necessary during the summer months and it is important to have it somewhere warm when it’s cold. Moisture and air currents are also harmful to this dog.

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