Dogs That Dont Shed

Dogs That Dont Shed

Dogs that dont shed are ideal for those suffering from allergies

Some dogs that dont shed can be a good solution for those who suffer from allergies. Of course, there is actually no breed of dog that does not shed at all, but there are some dog breeds that are considered “hypoallergenic” and “friendly” towards people with allergies.

The following list consists of dogs that dont shed, are hypoallergenic, have not so much hair and in combination with regular care will reduce the chances of allergic reactions and will allow all of you with allergies to remain as much as possible in a low and very comfortable level with your allergies, allowing you to enjoy the ownership and care of a dog.

So … what can you do to choose the right hypoallergenic breed for you?

1. Spend time with the dog of your choice.

Do a sensitivity test on your allergies by spending time with your dog of choice. Visit a breeder, a pet store, or an animal welfare organization and spend at least an hour with some of the dog’s hypoallergenic breeds. This will give you the opportunity to observe and see your body’s reaction, in the presence of the dog. Most people who suffer from allergies associated with dog hair have different tolerance limits. Keep in mind that although you may spend one hour with the dog, even then, you may not immediately notice any reaction or sign of allergy. Generally, this is a great and practical way to find out your level of sensitivity to a specific dog breed.

2. Conduct A Dog Breed Research … Does It Match Your Lifestyle?

Do not forget to learn all the characteristics of the breed that interests you! Avoid buying or adopting a dog without spending some time to check out if your dog breed matches your lifestyle.

We found and present to you some dogs that dont shed!

Yorkshire terrier

These little dogs, although they have long hair, shed little. Of course, they require daily grooming.

Shih Tzu

These beautiful puppies originating in China have very long hair. Do not be afraid, since if you comb it every day, it will not shed much.


Playful but stubborn puppies can make us crazy with their bugs but they will not fill the house hair. In the summer months, hair may be more, but generally, it does not shed much.


Poodle may be one of those puppies that do not shed much at all! This puppy is ideal for people who have allergies to dog’s hair.

Boston Terrier

Boston terriers have very short and smooth coats. Apart from the fact that they do not need much care, as far as the hair is concerned, apart from the summer months, it almost does not shed at all.


These adorable little puppies are not shedding at all. It can only occur, shortly after their hairstyle appointment! That’s something we’re saying from experience …!

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