Dogs And Cats

Dogs And Cats

Why do dogs and cats “hate” each other?

OK, we may have seen videos with dogs and cats that are getting along but things are not exactly the way they seem, not always.

Let’s see what happens, then.

Dogs and cats were not always in our house and they were not always under our care. In most countries, they wandered through the streets looking for food in rubbish bins.

Professor Dr. John Bradsho from Bristol University School of Veterinary Science explains that dogs originate from wolves, so when the two find themselves in front of some food, the most powerful one will prevail.

Cats, on the other hand, originate from lone predators. When approaching food they are cautious, however, they do not retreat easily once they decide how to claim it.

That is, if a dog and a cat come together they collide … “like cats and dogs”.

Both animals will try to intimidate each other with barks, roars or spitting. Their battles are tough and strong.

If you are wondering if they are natural enemies, the answer is yes.

Most dogs, if they had the opportunity, would attack small kittens and chase them as they do with anything that runs. This means that the mother cat will try to prevent a dog from approaching her children.

Of course, both animals can coexist harmoniously with the right incentive. When they grow together, they can learn how to behave. During the period of socialization, as they say, they learn how to interact with humans, with members of their kind and with each other whenever necessary.

This period of socialization is usually for puppies 5-12 weeks and for kittens 4-8 weeks.

There are many things that separate dogs and cats. If properly socialized, dogs raised with cats may prefer the presence of cats to other dogs.

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