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Dog Walker

Dog Walker: Things to know

Pets gain more and more ground in our hearts and homes! However, obligations and everyday life make almost every owner need a dog walker. Work or other commitments do not allow us to offer what we would like to our little friends, whose needs for interaction and socialization are high.

Dogs are social and need daily exercise and the services of a dog walker can offer that. Many, often offer dog care as a complimentary service, which your pet will also appreciate.

Things to consider:

Your dog is trained to have you as the leader of the team. If you are going to hire a dog walker, it is important to meet all together at least a few times so the dog can become familiar to the walker. It is important to get to know the dog walker and trust him, both you and your pet.

On first encounters, give the dog walker the opportunity to lead your dog. If your dog is trained, there should be no problem. If, however, your dog is excited, observe how your dog walker handles your dog.

Inform the dog walker regarding the needs of your dog. Be clear about nutrition, handling and any equipment he may need. Correspondingly, the dog walker has to inform you about the course of the walk, as well as the number of dogs he walks altogether.

Questions concerning the walker’s experience are also important, so don’t’ skip them.

Pet Cost and Pet Care:

It is quite common for the cost to change according to the requirements of the service, depending on how often you require the services of the dog walker within the week, as well as the duration of the walk. The safest solution is to search in your area for dog walkers and compare the prices and services offered. Some people play games with animals, run with them, etc. Other services include grooming, food, and snacks.

It is important to see if they can offer your dog the ride you desire, with the methods you choose, which he/she knows to apply.

If you have a pet:

Dog walking is a service for those pets that their owners can not provide them with the socialization and exercise they need. A walk with the walker does not, in any case, replace the care of the owner. A dog walker is an interim solution rather than a convenience for the owner.

Discover the dog walkers in your area and ask about their services. Walking or keeping the dog should be done by people who have personal or professional experience with dogs. They should also have the desire to learn more about our small friends and their proper care. But the most important thing is, whoever you choose to walk your beloved dog, to trust them and see your animal happy with them.

A good dog walker should relieve you and not make you worry about the safety of your pet. Give it some time until you trust them and you will find that he can be a significant support to your dog’s happiness!

For many, however, the cost of a dog walker is prohibitive. To tackle this issue, platforms such as offer you the ability to find someone that would happily take care and walk your pet for free. So the option is yours, hire a costly dog walker or choose a more personalized experience for your little friend?

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