Dog Hair: How to get rid of it (No Haircut)

How can I get rid of dog hair?

Wherever you look you find dog hair: on the sofa, on the carpet, in the car, it piles up in the corners… After a while or you might even be possessed by a cleaning mania and you see them in your sleep or you get over it and compromise with the situation. Often this is the reason why someone does not get a pet. But there are solutions to make them disappear. Check out some of these:

1. Daily and good hairstyle is the most important step to reduce hair falling from the animal. It’s always better if they stay on the brush (and then in the dustbin) rather than having them on the floor.

2. Shower removes dead hair. The problem is that if you do it frequently it is bad for the dog’s coat.

3. Short-haired animals also get these. They just lose short hair, which is even more difficult to remove from fabrics.

4. Teach your pet to not lay on the couch but only on his bed.

5. If you want to leave it roaming free, cover the furniture with covers, and shake it daily.

6. For dusting, use a damp cloth with minimal baby oil to make it easier to hone the hair.

7. Use the vacuum cleaner to clean the electrical appliances, such as phone, computer, because it is certain that the hair is also there.

8. With your vacuum cleaner, you will also do your carpets, but for small hairs use the gauntlet that combs your pet or a damp cloth to get rid of the hairs that are not picked up by the vacuum.

9. For the daily cleanliness of the floor, the common broom does not do the trick because the hair gets up in the air. Use Swiffer type sweepers to trap hairs and tufts gathered at the corners.

10. Avoid fabrics such as velvet because it creates static electricity that traps dog hair.

11. Close your cabinets well not only to prevent animals from getting inside but also to prevent dog hair from coming in.

12. Get a roll of adhesive tape, which will help you in the daily cleaning of your furniture.

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