The well-known dog “sausage” is one of the most vivid and intelligent dogs. Demanding and stubborn, he can do anything to get our attention. A companion, faithful and kind-hearted dog, particularly with children, Dachshund is playful but often skeptical of strangers. With the proper training of a puppy, it can alleviate the stubbornness and difficulty of its character and become an admirable pet. It is a courageous dog, loyal, good hunter and guard. He likes the game, especially with children. He is active and independent so she needs training from a puppy. It coexists with other animals if it has grown up with them. It is not aware of its size and can become aggressive in larger dogs.

History of the Dachshund

Many believed that the ancestors of Dachshund were in ancient Egypt, but ultimately the newer investigations place its origins in Germany. It is thought to be the result of breeding dogs with abnormalities in the bone structure, so it has short legs that make it able to sniff out the prey from their nests and drown in the underground nests. Although it was a pet in all the royal courts of Europe, it is considered to be the national dog of Germany. It is very popular in Europe and America and is also known because of its shape as a “sausage”.

Health and Care

It needs a small amount of food but because it is greasy it takes care not to overweight. She has to be trained and socialized by a puppy. It needs brushing in the version with a rough coat and plating.

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