Cats Breeds

Cats Breeds

The 10+1 Most Popular Cats Breeds

They are beautiful, self-sufficient, playful and special. Cats differ greatly from dogs in character, but that does not mean you have no reason to get one. It will reward you with love and abundant hours of play time.
See below the most popular – and beautiful – cats breeds and the characteristics of each.

Scottish Fold

You will recognize it from its tiny, crooked heels that are tilted forward and downwards. It has a luscious character and has no particular requirements.


It is distinguished by a mutation that has given her short legs but is fully functional nevertheless. She is playful and loves to chase, while her legs seat is reminiscent of a bunny.


With bold furry hair and blue eyes, this cats breeds longs for attention and grooming and rebukes with behavior that strongly resembles a dog: he welcomes you to the door, follows you in every room and sleeps with you.


She impresses with her dense, long hair, her rounded head, and expressive eyes. It has a sweet character and perfectly adapts to every home if it feels safe.


Beautiful, azure and sandy, the Siberian cat comes from Russia with Love, love which she offers generously to her boss, but also to the visitors since she will rarely be shy.


This particular cats breeds may come from some kind of Persian cat and is distinguished by the love she has for her boss, following her everywhere and trying to focus her attention on her. Unlike other types of cats, it does not want to explore nature.


The “sacred cat of Burma”, as it is also known, stands out for its white monochrome coupled with the dark touches on its legs. Her character is multifaceted: she can be playful with her boss, but she can have fun just as easily on her own.


It hints Egypt and occurs in versions of red, blue or brownish yellow with its characteristic uniform, streakless hair. She is crazy about toys, she is athletic, pretty loyal to her boss and sometimes manipulative.


It is a direct descendant of the wildcat – leopard and the domestic cat and is the last of its nature. She likes playing, hunting, climbing and exploring, and she can also become lazy whenever she desires.


This age-old cats breeds with the characteristic voice can “speak” equally well with her body. It is a typical case of a “human” cat because she fancies the hugs, the bed or the table. The ideal pet for those who want interaction and play.


No cat-list would be complete without the popular domestic, half-breed, the one most people enjoy having as a … family member. Their character cannot be precisely determined, because a lot of factors affect it. Rarely, however, a half-breed cat that will receive love, care and companionship will not respond with everlasting love and devotion.

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