Borrow My Doggy

Borrow My Doggy

Although we find pet sharing to be a great idea, it’s not very widely known. Yet, sites such as Borrow My Doggy have been around since 2012, sharing successfully the love for dogs. The platform’s goal is to connect dog owners with local dog borrowers for walks, weekends and holidays. It’s a noble cause that dog lovers living in the UK have embraced.

However, the increasing popularity of pet sharing far exceeds the borders of England., a platform that aims to make pet ownership easier, cheaper and more enjoyable, is taking it upon itself to introduce pet sharing to everyone. With a fresh look and additional features, they constitute a great alternative to the Borrow My Doggy solution.


Owning a pet doesn’t only require time but also requires a significant investment. A quick calculation of the basic costs will easily pass the $1,000. Thus, CoPuppy offers its platform free of charge for all pet owners. On the other hand, Borrow My Doggy charges an annual fee of £44.99, which further increases the costs that pet owners have to bear.

Country Availability

As mentioned above, the goal of CoPuppy is to bring pet sharing everywhere. Currently, the platform offers the following locations: Australia, France, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and the USA. However, new locations are added progressively so be sure to check regularly for updates. On the contrary, Borrow My Doggy is exclusively focusing on the UK region.

Pets Vs Dogs Only

Another important aspect is the type of pets that each platform allows. CoPuppy welcomes both cats and dogs since it seeks to support all pet owners. Cats might be famous for being independent. However, this does not mean that they should be left alone for long periods of time. On the other hand, Borrow My Doggy solely focuses on assisting dog owners and dog lovers.

P2P Transactions

Pet sharing platforms are designed to bring pet lovers together. Although both platforms allow users to exchange messages, CoPuppy offers the possibility to make a donation straight to the owners PayPal account. The donation option is a quick and efficient way to further support pet owners with the costs of caring for their pet (treats are also welcome). Borrow My Doggy though strictly prohibits any transaction between parties.

Borrow My Doggy is a great solution which has been helping successfully dogs owners and dog seekers based in the UK for a long time. This great work, CoPuppy seeks to continue and improve so that people from all over the world can experience the wonder of having a pet in their lives.

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