10 Secrets That Your Dog Does Not Tell You!

10 Secrets That Your Dog Does Not Tell You!

Do you often wonder about your dog’s behavior? We’ve decoded it’s most important secrets and now we are sharing them with you!

# 1 It’s not that I’m procrastinating …

There is a reason why dogs turn round and round before they decide to finally pee, and it’s not that they try to delay. A study published in the journal Frontiers in Zoology found that dogs do pee or poop in alignment with the magnetic field of the Earth. After observing 70 dogs from 37 breeds, for over two years, scientists have documented a clear preference for alignment with the North-South axis, with East-West being avoided. It is still unclear why they prefer this placement and the way they perceive the magnetic field, but at least we know that all these circles are not random. So patience, please. A genius is working on it!

# 2 We do not all want the same bed

When choosing a bed, pay attention to how your dog sleeps. If he likes to curl, he might prefer a bed with a thick cushion and a tall wall around. If he usually sleeps with his feet in a straight line it might prefer a flatbed without sides or pillows. Also, many dogs want to have a blanket to be covered. We’re just saying …

# 3 The fact that I’m shaking my tail …

… It does not mean I am friendly or in a good mood. Many times a dog shakes his tail when he is upset, annoyed or angry. Pay attention to the movement of his tail. A loose lateral swing usually means that they are happy to see you, while a tail that moves high and rigid means that they are in a state of excitement. It is also good to look at the overall tone, especially on the face. Widened eyes and stretched ears indicate that the dog is agitated.

# 4 I like to be challenged

We are smart and we like games that make us think. They appreciate hiding delicacies around their home for them to find, giving them smart games with various sounds and capabilities, taking them to new places to explore.

# 5 please do not overfeed me

Obesity in dogs leads to an increased risk of arthritis, heart disease, cancer, and other diseases. Do not feed your dogs freely. They are unstoppable. When choosing dog food, you should prefer ingredients with lamb, beef, turkey, and chicken. Foods that use vitamin E and vitamin C as preservatives are much preferable to those with chemical preservatives. And dogs definitely do not need artificial colors or perfumes!

# 6 I can be old but I still need companionship and proper exercise for my age

Yes, sleep more (please move my bed somewhere that I will have my space but I will still be part of things), but that does not mean that you should not wake up for a walk after dinner. They can also learn new tricks, as the proverb is absolutely untrue! At the earliest opportunity, you should try bout to teach him a new command. It will do great good to him.

# 7 Access to a yard does not replace the walk

Dogs are pet animals and like to be around people. If you leave him out, most likely he will be just sitting and waiting for you to come back and put it him where he can be part of the action.

# 8 I’m not just naughty …

I am bored! Studies have shown that dogs, on average, possess the mind of a two-year-old human, and we can all imagine what a young child would have done if we left it all alone for an entire day (practically a disaster). So if I bark, jump or ruin things, chances are that I need a lot more physical exercise and attention.

# 9 If you are a stranger …

Let me get closer to you. If you lean down to a short distance from me and look on your side, the dog will be much happier and relaxed than stretching your hand on his face, an action that can make him nervous or feel a threat.

# 10 I’m a creature of habit and I like consistency …

… Especially when it comes to education. If you leave me on the couch sometimes, I will not understand that I can not be there all the time. If I suddenly change drastic habits, please take me to the vet. A sudden change in my behavior is often a sign of a situation requiring medical help.

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