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CoPuppy is on a mission to introduce pet sharing and make pet ownership easier, cheaper and more enjoyable. Our service is designed to bring all pet lovers together! Your pet is never alone and more people get to experience the wonder of having a pet in their lives!

Want A Pet But Can’t Own One?

Owning a dog can be an unobtainable dream for many people.
Reasons may vary including lifestyle, living arrangements,
work commitments or economic restrains.

Work Commitments

Having a full-time job can make dog parenting very difficult. In most cases, pets do not get the attention they need due to time constraints. That leaves them feeling lonely and you feel guilty. Soon, you will need to hire a dog walker, which will lead to extra costs.

Economic Restrains

Can you really afford a pet? Let’s evaluate some of the cost of owning a dog:

  • One-time pet expenses: Initial Investment, accessories, training
  • Annual pet expenses: Food, insurance, grooming, veterinary services

Living Arrangements

Does your rental property have a “No Pets Allowed” policy? Perhaps your flatmate does not find the idea of having a pet as appealing? Maybe a family member is allergic to pets?

Don’t Rush to Bring a Pet Home

So you’ve decided to bring a puppy into your life! Hooray!
“What’s the best breed for me?” “Will he be a good fit for my family?”
Meet with various pet owners and discuss before finding your perfect match!

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